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Education for consultants through product presentations and demonstrations remains a priority as we strive to raise awareness of energy-efficient hydronic heating across Australia. Our fully-equipped mobile Display Training Vehicle (DTV) facility makes it easy for you and your workplace to stay up-to-date with the latest product developments and innovations across the entire Hunt Heating range of energy-efficient condensing and solar hydronic solutions.


Designed as a mobile exhibition and training facility, the DTV can provide you and your colleagues with valuable insight into the principles and designs of our product range with the support from detailed resources and rich media, including literature and video presentations. The DTV also features a fully-functioning Immergas Condensing Boiler for in-depth demonstration, and many of the static products are cut away to provide you with a greater understanding of their underlying principles and construction. 

The facility is on the road throughout the year and is available to visit your workplace at a time that suits you, such as “lunch and learn” boardroom presentations.

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